Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can't Believe It Snowed

Geez, sorry. It's been a while! Ok, so lately...
Volleyball: We won first in the silver tournament at the Mid-State Tournament for volleyball. And last Thursday we lost against Park Rapids (0-3) :(. That's okay though, we'll just kick some butt our next game.
Writing:  I've started writing an essay for the Patriot's Pen Contest. I'm not even done with the first draft though. I thought  winning essay of last year was really good (
Life: I am following Ally Carter's blog ( I'm going to see Billy Elliot soon. I'm making my sister a Dr. Who bag ( I can't believe it's already snowed. Um, yeah, so that's pretty much it.

P.S. I'm hoping I get better at blogging too, haha :D

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