Friday, January 11, 2013

So...Yeah. I Kinda Suck At Making Titles :p

Holy crap it feels like it's been FOREVER!!! So over break, guess where I went? Are you ready for this?
My sister picked England for her senior trip. It was amazing!! Once she's done editing the pictures, I'll do a post about it.
So on with life, I couldn't put the contacts in :/ Oh well. What are ya gonna do? But I will keep trying. I mean, if I try every morning for the rest of my life, I have to get them in someday, right? I really hope I get them in before my batmitzvah. It's been a long week: my first week back at school after a two week break. I have to say though, it was nice to see how excited everyone was to see me. I really wasn't expecting that. It was a nice surprise :D So anyway, IT'S A SNOW DAY TODAY!!!!!! Whoo!!
Hey. You know what's awkward? When you put a really kind of personal post on Facebook, and the only person who likes it is your mom...but I guess it hasn't even been a half an hour yet so, there's still hope, haha.  Ahhh! Speaking of which, someone just liked it :) Yay. I'm happy. So d'ya want to hear it? Kay. I knew you would ;)
Bloggly Quote (get it? Instead of daily quote? I'm such a dork, ahahha)
"Sometimes I think people just need other people to understand them. To know that they're not always such a perfect little angel. To know that they're not always such an awful person. To know that they're not always crazy. To know they're not always so boring. To just...know them."
-Me, haha (Syd ;D)

Ya like it? I hope so :) I got my flu shot today...I don't know why people make such a big deal about it. It wasn't even bad. Just count down from five and it doesn't hurt anymore. Kay. So I hoped you liked this, and that it made your life a little better :D 

Have a GREAT day everyone (just for me ;D and you),
Syd :D <3