Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas (Hanukkah) Break...FINALLY

Finally finally finally! I feel like I've had so much going on lately and now all of a sudden...nothing. I can just sit here and not be stressing about anything. It's weird. Hmmph...well anyway, guess what?
(Drum roll)
But I probably won't be able to put them in, since I can't even watch other people put them in. Ew. Oh well.
I haven't posted pictures in awhile, have I? Okay, here's for you, since it's the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.), and 'cause I took pictures :D Here goes
Cherish and I

Catherine and I

Hailey (spelling?) and I

Katie and I (Hailey [spelling?] in the back haha)

Me trying to get Abbi in a picture (fail) and Catherine...I don't really know what she's doing, ahaha

Hailey (spelling?), Catherine, and I

Rachael and I

Rachael, Talia, and I

Rachael, me, and our...interesting hair :D
Hope you guys enjoyed :) Oh!! And how could I forget? My family's going to England/Scotland over break, so I'll try to post every night during that!!! I know, you're probably thinking, "Every night? Pshh, Sydney please! You hardly post once a month!" Yeah, I'm thinking that too, hhaha. But I'll really try! And I've been busy, I'm sorry :( I feel like there's a lot of exclamation points this paragraph, hhahaha. Okay, and here's your Bloggly Quote for this blog:
Blogly Quote
"Nobody has everything, and nobody has nothing."
-Me (Sydney Goldstein) :D
I was thinking about this one. Yeah, obviously, I made it, haha. No but really though, 
I think this is something that people don't always remember. But I think that people would 
be able to cope with stuff better if they did, I guess. Okay, so my thoughts are a little 
scrambled today, haha. But the point is, there's always people that people just assume 
they have everything. But let me tell you from experience, nobody, as far as I can tell, has
 ever had everything. Everyone has issues. Everyone. And when people are feeling really 
down, it honestly helps to count your blessings. There's always at least one thing to be
 grateful for: 
you're alive. 
And that's a lot.

Happy Holidays everyone. See ya soon,
-Syd :D <3


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