Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas (Hanukkah) Break...FINALLY

Finally finally finally! I feel like I've had so much going on lately and now all of a sudden...nothing. I can just sit here and not be stressing about anything. It's weird. Hmmph...well anyway, guess what?
(Drum roll)
But I probably won't be able to put them in, since I can't even watch other people put them in. Ew. Oh well.
I haven't posted pictures in awhile, have I? Okay, here's for you, since it's the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.), and 'cause I took pictures :D Here goes
Cherish and I

Catherine and I

Hailey (spelling?) and I

Katie and I (Hailey [spelling?] in the back haha)

Me trying to get Abbi in a picture (fail) and Catherine...I don't really know what she's doing, ahaha

Hailey (spelling?), Catherine, and I

Rachael and I

Rachael, Talia, and I

Rachael, me, and our...interesting hair :D
Hope you guys enjoyed :) Oh!! And how could I forget? My family's going to England/Scotland over break, so I'll try to post every night during that!!! I know, you're probably thinking, "Every night? Pshh, Sydney please! You hardly post once a month!" Yeah, I'm thinking that too, hhaha. But I'll really try! And I've been busy, I'm sorry :( I feel like there's a lot of exclamation points this paragraph, hhahaha. Okay, and here's your Bloggly Quote for this blog:
Blogly Quote
"Nobody has everything, and nobody has nothing."
-Me (Sydney Goldstein) :D
I was thinking about this one. Yeah, obviously, I made it, haha. No but really though, 
I think this is something that people don't always remember. But I think that people would 
be able to cope with stuff better if they did, I guess. Okay, so my thoughts are a little 
scrambled today, haha. But the point is, there's always people that people just assume 
they have everything. But let me tell you from experience, nobody, as far as I can tell, has
 ever had everything. Everyone has issues. Everyone. And when people are feeling really 
down, it honestly helps to count your blessings. There's always at least one thing to be
 grateful for: 
you're alive. 
And that's a lot.

Happy Holidays everyone. See ya soon,
-Syd :D <3


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Heyy Guys, Again

So the choir concert was really really really good. Except near the end, all of the songs were really slow and I started to fall asleep :). But it was really good. Even though it was all Christian stuff and I'm Jewish, but whatever. I feel like I always have really good ideas what to blog about, and then I start blogging and I don't know what to say. I was thinking about doing a Quote Of The Blog, or Blogly Quote (instead of Quote of the Day or Daily Quote) or something kind of cheesy like that. Okay, so for today:
Blogly Quote:
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
-Norman Vincent Peale
I feel like I notice this quote so much. It's so true. If you look at something in a positive way, it'll most likely turn out positively. If you look at something negatively, it'll most likely turn out bad. There's so many different ways to look at things, and so many different ways things can turn out. It's all up to you. I don't think it's necessarily that you can control what happens in your life, but you can control the way you handle what happens.
Alright, well, I hope this was worth your time.

                                                                       Just keep smiling,
                                                                                 -Syd :D <3

Heyy Guys :D

Okay, sorry it's been so long. I don't even remember what I blogged about last (I could go check but I'm too lazy). I feel like the blogs I've been reading lately are so inspirational. Well, actually just two ( and, but still. Okay, so in case you didn't know, I want to be a writer when I grow up, but I feel like I don't have the time or ideas to write. Reading from an experienced writer really inspires me to find the time. And blogilates inspires me for two things: 1) My whole family is kind of starting this "let's start being healthy" thing. And lately, blogilates has been posting a lot of stuff about healthy eating, so that definitely helps. 2) She blogs a lot and I want to always have something new for you guys too. I guess I'm not really sure what to be inspirational about. Just being a teenager, I guess :). But if you have any ideas or requests, please let me know. I'd be happy to do some inspiring for you. Well, I have to go. We're about to leave for a choir concert. I'll try and let you know how it goes.

                                                               Just keep smiling (you guys still need a nickname :/ ),
                                                                                        Syd :D <3  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh boy...

Yup. The day finally came. I made a Tumblr yesterday.
And I'm addicted.
I'm sure most of you can feel my pain here :D. And if you want to follow me, go to And for other news, my Thanksgiving was good, and I hope yours was too. One hard decision I had to make was take a break from preforming piano for awhile. I've developed stage fright over the past few years, and it's been putting a lot of stress on me. 7th grade has been stressful enough :/. So anyway, I talked to my mom a few days before my recital (early November) and we decided to take a break from recitals. Now, I talked to her because I was stressed about playing at the nursing home. She said she'd call the nursing home for me, but I still have to tell my piano teacher. And I REALLY don't want to. Because I hate having people disappointed in me. I really do. And I feel like I'm letting everyone down. And it sucks.
Wow, sorry that just got really intense, haha. I'm usually not that emotional. At least not on my blog.
So, to lighten up this post a little, here are seven (why not be random?) of my favorite pictures from Tumblr so far:

Hope you enjoyed!
Just keep smiling (should this be my signature thingy?),
Sydney :D 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wow it's been a while! Sorry about that... Anyway, I'm super psyched (I think I totally butchered that spelling) for Thanksgiving!! My older sisters came home which makes me really happy!! Plus, who doesn't love a four day weekend? Here's my latest status on Facebook that I thought you might want to see: "YOU're the only one that can make YOUrself happy. Sure people can tell YOU how amazing YOU are, and how things will all work out, but it's up to YOU to believe them. It's all how YOU look at things." I'm also really excited because I'm meeting up with my really good friend who moved this summer. Yay!

Just Smile,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Anybody Out There?

Hey guys! I know, I know, I didn't finish my "Feeling Smiley" post. I'm sorry, it just had gotten to be so long afterwards that it seemed irrelevant (excuses excuses :D). So anyway, I just really want to know who's reading this. (Yeah, probably like no one. Oh well, ahaha). So if you come across this blog and you like it, leave a comment. Follow it. Say hey. Even if you don't like it, say why. I really want to know if I'm actually writing to anybody other than myself.

Thank you, and keep smiling,
Syd :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeling Smiley :D

Wow! It's been awhile! Sorry :D. Okay so if you didn't know, I work out a little now that volleyball's over (I mostly just sit there and pant at the screen, haha). I follow Blogilates. She has a workout calender each month, and I really liked one of the videos. It's not really the workout that I liked so much, but that it was kind of inspirational. I hope you like it :D Um, let me think what's been up...I cleaned my room today, ahaha. I actually love cleaning my room :D It feels good to have a clean room. Okay I have to go for dinner, I'll probably edit this and add onto it later. See ya, and keep smiling :D :D :D

                     -Syd <3 :D

P.S. Can you tell I like smiley faces today? Hahaha

Thursday, October 18, 2012


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:) HACKED BY YOUR FAAAAAAVORITE SISTER:) Hiiiii I am Maren, and I am SYYYYDNEYS sister. Go follow my blog riggggggght nooow;   :) BYE

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 My heels :)
 My glasses, haha
 Me (squinting a lot, wow hahaha)
 Magnetic nail polish :)
 My friend Megan and I (awkward smile, haha)
My little sister

Geez, it took me long enough! Sorry about that. Hope you enjoyed :D

Dr. Who Bags and Donna the Deer Lady

Hey guys,
I thought I'd show you the bag I'm making for my sister. It's a pretty cool pattern by April Draven!
Also, you gotta love people who don't quite get it. Donna the Deerlady, everybody! Hahaha!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Space Diver?!?!

In about an hour or so, Felix Baumgartner will attempt to sky dive from space! I think it's crazy, and that he'll blow up. Nonetheless, I'm going to watch (I'm pretty sure they're showing it on HLN). Supposedly, he'll free fall for five minutes. You know those dreams where you fall? Not even two seconds of that makes my heart beat 100,000,000,000 miles per hour. But good luck, I guess, and I hope you make it in one piece.
On Tuesday is our volleyball team's last game of the season, so wish us luck :). I had a really great first season and can't wait until it starts again.
I'm also trying to write a book. And, even though I don't like to put my writing online (well, actually it's not writing, but...), I have to tell you guys the name I came up with for the main characters best friend. She's a really spunky person, she doesn't care what people think of her, she's funny and creative, but she's got a tough, stubborn edge. She gets her craziness from her parents, so they had to give her a bold, out-there name. Ready for it? Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe. I looked it up on and it's even a real name, hahha. Possible nickname: Monny. What do you think? Let me know.
Thanks for listening to my crazy ramblings,


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can't Believe It Snowed

Geez, sorry. It's been a while! Ok, so lately...
Volleyball: We won first in the silver tournament at the Mid-State Tournament for volleyball. And last Thursday we lost against Park Rapids (0-3) :(. That's okay though, we'll just kick some butt our next game.
Writing:  I've started writing an essay for the Patriot's Pen Contest. I'm not even done with the first draft though. I thought  winning essay of last year was really good (
Life: I am following Ally Carter's blog ( I'm going to see Billy Elliot soon. I'm making my sister a Dr. Who bag ( I can't believe it's already snowed. Um, yeah, so that's pretty much it.

P.S. I'm hoping I get better at blogging too, haha :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week Update

Wow, it's been almost a week! Ok, let's see...I've been pretty busy. On Monday, we won one volleyball game (3/3 sets) and lost the other (1/3 sets) against Wadena, I think. And on Tuesday we won a home game against Perham (4/5 sets). On Thursday I started piano again, which makes me really happy! And speaking of piano, I'm playing at a nursing home on Wednesday :D.
P.S. Do you like the new blog design? I have a feeling I might be changing it a lot, haha. I'll try and post pictures next time, maybe even later today...
                                                             See ya soon,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello, and Welcome!

So, hi! My first post! Wow, no pressure there. First off, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm really excited and hope you enjoy it. This is my first blog, so sorry if it's not great. I'm going to try to make an about page, so you can see more about me there. Oh, and sorry, no pictures yet :(
Tonight:  In case you didn't know, tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year! So, soon I'm heading to services with my Dad. And I'm wearing these adorable new shoes that I got when shopping with my mom today. I'll have to post a picture soon :D
Now I'm going to try to get my blog set up a little more, maybe a little decoration ;)
                                                              See ya soon,