Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh boy...

Yup. The day finally came. I made a Tumblr yesterday.
And I'm addicted.
I'm sure most of you can feel my pain here :D. And if you want to follow me, go to And for other news, my Thanksgiving was good, and I hope yours was too. One hard decision I had to make was take a break from preforming piano for awhile. I've developed stage fright over the past few years, and it's been putting a lot of stress on me. 7th grade has been stressful enough :/. So anyway, I talked to my mom a few days before my recital (early November) and we decided to take a break from recitals. Now, I talked to her because I was stressed about playing at the nursing home. She said she'd call the nursing home for me, but I still have to tell my piano teacher. And I REALLY don't want to. Because I hate having people disappointed in me. I really do. And I feel like I'm letting everyone down. And it sucks.
Wow, sorry that just got really intense, haha. I'm usually not that emotional. At least not on my blog.
So, to lighten up this post a little, here are seven (why not be random?) of my favorite pictures from Tumblr so far:

Hope you enjoyed!
Just keep smiling (should this be my signature thingy?),
Sydney :D 

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